Bella Chipperfield

Hello and welcome! My name is Bella. I am a professional Artist and Musician with over 10 years of experience as a freelancer. Whether you are after some bespoke artwork or perhaps some live music for your special day, feel free to explore my website to see what I can offer and I would be happy to hear from you.


Looking for artwork? Head over this way to view my portfolio and have a mooch.

Book Illustrations for 'I'm Here'

A selection of illustrations for the love story 'I'm Here'

Four Seasons Handmade Wall Clock

Chipperfield Handmade wall clock featuring hand turned walnut body, japanned scenes of wildlife through the four seasons and a Quartz movement.


This is Rufus the Miniature Schnauzer. He is full of character and it was a delight to draw him looking his best. A3 pastel pencil drawing on pastelmat paper.

What my customers say...

We commissioned the lovely Bella to paint a picture of our wedding and we are really pleased with the job she did.
For my Dad's 60th Birthday, Bella painted this beautiful, personal and creative portrait of our family. If you would like a portrait painted I could not recommend Bella enough!
The most intensely beautiful clock that we will be able to treasure forever. It is pride of place in our living room. Unbelievably good!
Bella Chipperfield pet portrait of Yogi

Pet portraits make great gifts

For pet portraits, I predominantly use oil paints or Caran D’ache pastel pencils on pastelmat paper. The resulting texture is very smooth and velvety, which I think is perfect for drawing animals. Once completed, each drawing is sealed with a finish to protect the artwork over time to give a long lasting characterful drawing of our favourite four-legged friends.

Prices (from £300)

One Head (£300)

Full Body (£500)

Two Heads (£600)

Three Heads (£700)

Bella Chipperfield full colour oil painted portrait taken from a black and white photo

Portraits of you and your loved ones

I enjoy painting and drawing a wide variety of subjects in a realistic style.  I am intrigued by the detail in nature and how light works. I love to break the constraints of the two dimensional surface to create artworks that are as lifelike as possible. My goal for each portrait is to portray a convincing and realistic likeness with depth of personality and character.

Oils (from £500)

Black and white photo reference to colour oil paint portrait (£500 - £1200)

Head and Shoulders (£500)

Half Body Length (£600)

¾ Body Length (£1000)

Full Body Length (£1200)

Graphite (from £150)

Head and Shoulders (£150 - 400)

Half Body Length (£400 - 500)

¾ Body Length (£500 - 600)

Full Body Length (£700 - 800)

Bella Chipperfield book illustration of a couple in love

Bespoke illustrations for books, websites & more

Illustration is one of my favourite types of artform. Through lucid colours or whimsical line drawings, I strive for my illustrations to provide visual escapism. I mainly use watercolours, inks and pencils and for digital illustrations I mainly use Adobe Photoshop. As a child, I was fascinated with the drawings of E.H Shepherd, Arthur Rackham, Quentin Blake and Raymond Briggs who have all become my biggest inspirations in bringing fantastical stories to life. I have always believed that there is real magic that happens in bringing stories to life through illustration and it will continue to inspire us all - no matter our age!


Looking for a harpist / pianist for your special day? Or maybe a session musician to work on your album with you? Head over this way for my music page.

Gnossienne No.1 Satie

Up Main Theme on Harp

Main Theme from UP on Harp.

What my customers say...

Bella did an incredible musical dedication for my sister who celebrated her 30th Birthday in lockdown. This was a really beautiful special gift, a personal dedication, my sister's favourite song, the song she walked down the isle to. Beautiful way to celebrate her birthday and relive memories of the wedding! Bella I cant thank you enough!
For anyone that was blessed enough to catch Bella's incredible harp, guitar & vocals set at this year's CrowCamp festival will back me up when I say that Bella is one extraordinarily gifted sister with one seriously soft and beautiful soul that speaks volumes through her music and voice.
Bella is a most wonderful musician, her harp virtuosity is superb! She is the consummate professional. So, if you are looking for a harpist for your wedding or any function, then you will be getting pure quality if you book Bella. She is also a very nice person and great joy to have around!
Photo of my harp at Gosfield Hall wedding venue

Hire me for your event

Weddings, funerals & special events

I have been playing at weddings and events for nearly 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me how humbling it can be to be a part of such a special and meaningful day. Whatever the event, if you are stuck in choosing music, I am always happy to help with any suggestions. My motto is, ‘if it has a tune, my harp and I will play it for you. I can also recommend examples of popular music choices that I have played for similar events over the years, but I am more than happy to learn any song you like - literally, anything goes! If you would like to mix things up, I can also play guitar for you (or piano, if there is one at the venue).

Prices (from £400)

1 hour playing (£400 + porterage & petrol)

2 hours playing (£550 + porterage & petrol)

3 hours playing (£700 + porterage & petrol)

Click here to download PDF with information about hiring me as a harpist for your next event
Bella Chipperfield plays the harp with bow in a session recording

Available for session music work

Add depth and space to your music

For the past 10 years, I have had the honour of performing on a range of albums and with studios such as Universal Studios, Cafe Music Studios and Bridge Row Studios. I love both live performance and working in a recording studio. I specialise in creating harp music for an eclectic mix of music styles. The harp is an incredibly versatile instrument, and there are a whole range of harp techniques that can be used to add depth and texture to a piece of music; harmonics, bowing, string bends (using the pedals), glissandos, arpeggios, nail strums and many more. I am available for harp performance and recording. For recording I either work from my home studio or I can travel to you or your studio of choice. Artists I have recorded and performed with include: Sam Smith, Surie, Mamas Gun, Suburban Dirts, Royal Holloway Philharmonic, Matt Coldric, Jack In Water, Austin Basham, and Dave Gerard Band.


£300.00 per day + petrol